Event Night Report

On the night turnout was very poor, out of 150 signed players only 20 attended the Green Baize ( including the Chairman ) event and ten attended at Plaza Pool ( excluding myself ).

The Baize event, played as the stated format, saw S. Finney win against S. Bridgwood in the final, J. Latham finished 3rd with Danny Jones 4th. Finished by midnight.

With such low attendance at Plaza I asked the players if they wanted to try a format that has not been used so far in the League.

The competition was played as “Blind Doubles” where all player names were in the hat and names were drawn out into pairs, so we ended up with a Village Tavern player and a Plaza Pool player as a team, Millrace and Plaza, etc.

It was agreed to play two frames of “straight Doubles” and if the result was 1-1 each team decided on their best player to play a singles frame decider.

With the draw throwing up some “interesting” pairings ( J. Iqbal ( Plaza ) & C. Turner ( Vil Tav ) , R. Warburton ( Plaza ) & D. Evans ( Millrace ) etc, the final was played out over three frames by S. Cooper & D. Woolley ( Plaza ) v Katy Moss & P. Wragg ( Plaza/Millrace ) with Moss/Wragg winning the winner takes all pot.

Finished at 10:45.