LTMT & Subs 9/7/19

Drawn at League Meeting 30/6/19

LTMT Round Two

L.O.T. Manor  A  v  Smallthorne Victory Club  A

Green Baize  B  v  Millrace  B

Red Baize  A  v  Crewe Arms Hotel  B

Red Baize  B  v  Players  B

Baize Tavern  A  v  L.O.T. Manor  B

Sub LTMT Round One

Green Baize  A  v  Ye Olde Manor Inne  B

Ye Olde Manor Inne  A  v  Crewe Arms Hotel  A

Baize Tavern  B  v  Players  A

Smallthorne Victory Club  B  v  Oggys Bar

Millrace  A  v  L.O.T. Manor  A


K.O. & Sub Cups 2/7/19

Draws done at League Meeting 30/6/19

To get the Cups down to the Semi-Finals:-

K.O. Cup

L.O.T. Manor v Plaza Pool

Players v Baize Tavern

Red Baize & Millrace get the byes

Sub K.O. Cup

Green Baize v Oggys Bar

Smallthorne Victory Club, Ye Olde Manor Inne  & Crewe Arms Hotel get the byes.

Captains frame at venues named first.

Results 25/6/19

Green Baize  10  8  Smallthorne Victory Club
Red Baize  12  6  Oggys Bar
Players  10  8  Baize Tavern
Ye Olde Manor Inne 10  8  Crewe Arms Hotel
Millrace  11  7  LOT Manor
Plaza Pool  14  4  BYE